During these difficult times it's good to keep your spirits high, think a bit of the past and of the future! 

With grit and determined work, we have developed our AWS services for a good time now. During this year we will focus more deeply on developing our AWS services. Amazon Web Services has recognized our hard work, expertise and customer success, which we have put to developing our business and awarded us with an APN Branded Plaque. This has been teamwork, thanks to everyone involved: Jari Ikävalko, Jussi Immonen, Teemu Ihalainen, Sirkku Jauhiainen, Immanuel Piirilä, Juha Möttönen, Joonas Nahkala and Harri Ilvonen.

This time we didn't all have the courage to gather up for a group picture, thanks to the corona virus and social distancing. Once the bugs clear, we promise to take a new picture, and hopefully i'll have my hair sorted out and my corona beard has been shaven :).


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