Skillwell Oy has worked closely with AWS for many years. Collaboration intensifies after Skillwell has been selected to participate in the AWS SaaS Factory development program.

SaaS Factory is AWS' global development program for selected SaaS companies. AWS SaaS Factory helps select AWS Partners by providing direct access to technical and business program content, guidance, and AWS SaaS experts to support SaaS implementations when needed.

Thus, with the support of Saas Factory, Skillwell will receive significantly more resources for its development in the field of SaaS. This also means that the development and implementation of customer-specific SaaS applications is one of Skillwell Oy's core competencies.

This means that we will also continue to make our own investments in SaaS development in terms of technical and business expertise. One of the important objects related to the development of competencies for us is participation in significant conferences in the field of SaaS.

If you would like to learn more about designing and implementing SaaS services, you can contact Jari Ikävalko or Harri Ilvonen. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Harri Ilvonen +358 400 830 660

Jari Ikävalko +358 50 386 5590

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