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Skillwell has consulted Merius Oy on cloud services and SaaS business development. The team has received positive feedback on understanding the customer's needs and partnership. Good consulting creates sustainable value and changes thinking.

Customer Feedback: "I Like Working With You - You Think for the Customer"

Since the summer of 2020, Skillwell has been consulting Merius Oy's experienced entrepreneur Hannu Sarja and his team. Consulting has focused on cloud services and the development of Merius Oy's SaaS business.

In this case, our consulting team consists of three people: Harri, Juha-Tapio and Jari. From the team, Harr’s background is more in business management than consulting. Respectively, Jari and Juha-Tapio from the team have a cleaner background in consulting.

The feedback we received during the close collaboration has been: "I like to work with you - You think for the Customer."

Personally, we were at least a little embarrassed by the feedback. So we were successful in our work but why? One reason for this is in our heterogeneous background, which supports doing and thinking but it is not the only reason.

Consulting - what is it?

After the feedback, we discussed the topic and also explored what is generally written about consulting. Here are a few picks from a blog:

"Good consulting is about respecting the business of both parties and, at best, a partnership."

"Good consulting creates sustainable value and changes thinking."

"No one does anything to a consultant who says yes to everything."

Probably those three points have been the ones that Merius ’team appreciates in the people of Skillwell. Those things are also what we want to continue to do.

As stated above, consulting is a respect for both businesses. As our team has learned to understand Merius' expertise and pioneering in their own business during the consultation, the value has also grown in another direction.

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Contact Harri or Jari:

Harri Ilvonen

+358 400 830 660

Jari Ikävalko

+358 50 386 5590

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