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Enhancing integration platform monitoring and observability

Skillwell transformed Jamix’s AWS-based integration platform’s monitoring and observability using the great capabilities of Amazon CloudWatch, X-Ray, and Security Hub.

Enhancing integration platform monitoring and observability

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cutting edge, cloud-based kitchen management software for managing any size and type of restaurant, food service operation, dining service, or catering service.

Monitoring Enhancements

Skillwell took on the challenge of enhancing the integration platform monitoring and observability. After the project Amazon CloudWatch is now the key service leveraging real-time metrics, logs, and alarms to gain deep insights into system performance, ensuring peak efficiency.

Empowering Observability with AWS X-Ray

AWS X-Ray almost revolutionized the integration platform’s observability. With AWS X-Ray you can analyze and debug production and distributed applications. Based on these capabilities it is now possible to seamlessly trace requests, pinpoint bottlenecks, and enhance the user experience. With AWS X-Ray, every aspect of the application’s journey is visualized, simplifying the identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks.

Centralized Security Monitoring with AWS Security Hub

Security Hub played a pivotal role in centralizing security monitoring. It automated security best practice checks, aggregated security alerts into a unified format, and provided a comprehensive view of the overall security posture across all AWS accounts. Skillwell’s strategic use of Security Hub ensured that security remained paramount, safeguarding sensitive data and effortlessly bolstering compliance.

Customer-Centric Excellence

This case study not only showcases how Skillwell leveraged AWS services for improved monitoring and observability but also exemplifies Skillwell’s commitment to continuous incremental improvements aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.

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