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Get your full service experience and launch your MVP in 3-6 months!

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Are you developing a new business idea or want to modernize your business?

Skillwell has extensive experience in service and project delivery to a wide segment of customers, we focus on the needs and challenges of our partners. Together we will focus on the most important steps: consulting, prototyping and design, development and integrations.

Using the knowledge and skills of our team, you will receive a well-planned roadmap with proven tools to achieve Your business success. Our goal is to create the highest performance SaaS Solution for you. With extensive experience in Saas development for start-up and scale-up companies, we will focus on improving operational efficiency and customer experience, scaling and increasing business revenue. Let's transform your business into SaaS together.

The workflow to achieve your goals

Understanding the customer's product vision

In the beginning of the development process we will focus on your product vision and values. Thus, we will define clear solutions that meets your needs and goals. Definition of the first version of the SaaS service

At this stage, we will provide a general understanding of what exactly the first version of the SaaS service could be. We are providing the full service experience of the development, design, creation and implementation of the SaaS service. Determining the core features of a successful MVP

We will provide a coherent set of planned Minimum Viable Product (MVP) core features. Features such as Customer and Administrator -processes.

As an end result you will get:

Schedule and cost for launch of the SaaS service

Detailed schedule and cost estimation of the completed development process.

Design of service

Refinement of the design based on the customers ideals and needs.

Technical implementation plan

Plan of implementation for the finalized SaaS-product.

Skillwell is a reliable long-term partner, which means our client is our number one priority. We show our care by supporting our client’s development even after a successful product launch.

Determining the core features of a successful MVP

Learn how our services have helped our clients

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The best tools for your business

Personal experience: We have a extensive experience in SaaS development and have made our own SaaS product

Full service: We can provide the full service experience depending on your needs: from idea to scaling

Team of experts : A project manager and a development team are assigned for each project

Ready to launch: We are often approached when the customers cannot launch a SaaS project started with other developers. We have processes that allow us to analyze the progress of the project and, if possible, pick up the slack and bring it to launch.

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